12 Powers: Spiritual Tools for an Abundant Life

January: Faith
Disciple: Peter
Color: Dark Blue
Body Area: Center of Brain

Faith opens doors of good for me where my human sense may see no doors.
February: Love
Disciple: John
Color: Pink
Body Area: Back of Heart

God is love; His love surrounds me. In his love, I safely dwell.
March: Strength
Disciple: Andrew
Color: Green
Body Area: Loins

The strength of God is expressed through me as stability and poise.
April: Wisdom
Disciple: James, son of Zebedee
Color: Yellow
Body Area: Pit of Stomach

Divine Mind, let your wise and right decisions be expressed through my judgment.
May: Power
Disciple: Philip
Color: Purple
Body Area: Root of Tongue

The transforming power of God is mightily at work in my life.
June: Imagination
Disciple: Bartholomew
Color: Light Blue
Body Area: Between the Eyes

I involve my imagination in all my prayers, envisioning the good which God has for me.
July: Understanding
Disciple: Thomas
Color: Gold
Body Area: Front of Brain

My understanding tells me that everything in my life has a meaning for good.
August: Will
Disciple: Matthew
Color: Silver
Body Area: Center of Brain

I am willing to be led by God in all I think, say, and do.
September: Order
Disciple: James, son of Alphaeus
Color: Olive Green
Body Area: Navel

I do not depend on shortcuts in my life. I depend on God’s law of Divine Order.
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